• Butter Scotch Filling

    You can’t stand without a chocolate that gives extra – taste, flavor, twist – anytime; just remember those times you needed a taste - delicious and punchy at the same time, to uplift your mood - have it, now is the time!

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  • Coconut Filling

    Coconut as extra filling, you get to taste a soothing dose of chocolate with its every bite; take it as anytime snack or dessert - you may call so, as it packs a delicacy to get you set in anytime, go through our curated section to pocket your pick.

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  • Dark Plain

    The name is so for its taste that overshadows everything – odds, your gloomy mood, evens, your happy mood – even it is not scary though and will taste you to cherish for a long; our curated recipe and preparing it in-house are responsible for the same.

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  • Orange Filling

    The time you turn the wrapper off, it opens to a twisty flavor of chocolate that you need not wait to have; having a tang of orange at its heart, the chocolate never fails to bound you in its tangy yet cherishing taste.

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  • Corporate Solution

    We fulfill the wishes otherwise as well, as your bulk orders or curated demands we take care of, just to extend our tasty presents, thus adding to our choco-lovers; you can write to us, or you can call us to get more on our corporate offerings.

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  • Crunchy Nut

    For some, crisp is the essence of taste, and for those, the choco flavor is the pick of time; that punch that you wanted, packed inside even with divine delicacy and you need to eat with care as it speaks for itself, murmuring with every bite.

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