About Us

La- Chocolat features handmade, personalized chocolates and choco delight gifts. We are an online chocolate store selling a unique variety of homemade chocolates. All our chocolates are fresh, organic, and pure.

At La-Chocolat we also customize your chocolate and gift packaging online, wherein you can choose from three of our best bases (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate ) and over 100 toppings like fruits, nuts, spices, and more.

Our creative team works hard to fulfill your order according to your choice and schedule, with emphasized care until the delivery. La-Chocolat is the perfect answer to your quest for unique, tasteful, and elegant gifting online.

La-Chocolat started making chocolate a decade ago, and we have been selling chocolate to local consumers since then. We are aiming to spread our brand and chocolates across the nation and so was the idea of an online portal was born. Since then La-Chocolat has not looked back and is proudly catering to thousands of our precious customers, from every city and state in the nation.

Our Belief

La-Chocolat takes pride in its customer value, quality, and originality. We are dedicated to providing you with the world’s best artistic and unique edible gifting ideas, made with high-quality, fresh, and handmade chocolates. We are committed to providing you with absolutely tasteful, personalized, and professional service every time.

Our Insight

The joy of giving is equally important as the magic of receiving.

We see chocolate smiles on the faces of everyone who receives a delightful gift from La-Chocolat. We love to witness relationships being built, repaired, and lovingly nurtured over chocolates. We love to see you carving a special place in hearts with whom you share your La-Chocolat delights.